Spring Framework 6 | spring boat 3

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5 days
daily course

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The Spring Boot Framework is now the platform of choice for server-side Java applications. It is characterized by a large number of available modules that cover all the requirements of modern server software. In this course, participants will learn the essential parts of Spring Boot to develop server and web applications. With Spring Boot 3 comes the long-awaited feature of native builds based on GraalVM. GraalVM can significantly improve the startup time and memory footprint of your Spring Boot applications, making them more scalable and efficient. Based on this feature, participants will learn how to create native Spring Boot applications.

  • Structure and functionality of Spring Boot
  • Spring Dependency Injection (DI)
    • Implicit DI with annotations
    • Explicit DI with Java configurations
    • Brief overview of explicit DI with xml configurations
  • Aspect Oriented Programming with Spring
  • Database access with Spring Data
    • Database access using Hibernate/JPA and Spring Data
    • Mongo DB with Spring Data
    • transaction control
  • Implementation of ReST Services
    • Rest Controller
    • Data Rest Repositories
    • Documentation of ReST Services
    • Exception Handling
    • Connection of ReST Services with JavaScript
    • Connection of ReST Services with Angular and TypeScript
  • Only at the request of the participants: Web programming with Spring MVC and Thymeleaf
    • Interplay of model-view-controller
    • Thymeleaf Templating Engine
    • Layout templates with Thymeleaf
    • internationalization
  • Automated testing with Spring
    • Dependency Injection in JUnit Tests
    • Testing the data access layer
    • Test of ReST Services
    • Testing of controller classes
    • Spring testing with Mockito
  • Validate with Java Bean Validation
  • Spring Security
    • Spring Web Security
    • Spring ReST Services Security
    • Method based security
    • Spring ACL Security
  • Spring Native with GraalVM
    • AOT compilation in Spring Boot 3
    • Native hints
    • Native image generation options
    • Reflection in Native Applications / Tracing Agents
    • Conversion of Spring Boot jars to native images

Previous knowledge


  • Basic knowledge of Java
  • Basics in Web
  • Basics in
    Database Programming

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Target group

  • Developers