Scrum-Workshop für Entwicklerteams

Lenght of Time:

2 days
daily course

Course language:


Teaching material mainly in German

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Software engineering has evolved since the days of waterfall and rigid process models. Today it is the agile methods that have become mainstream in software development.
Scrum hat sich durchgesetzt und hat als agile Software-Entwicklungsmethode die größte Verbreitung erreicht. Die Erfahrung zeigt uns, dass Projekte auf „Scrum-Art“ erfolgreicher abgewickelt werden und zur grösseren Kundenzufriedenheit führen, was das letztendliche Ziel eines Dienstleisters sein muss.

This training offers all roles in the software development process i.e. developers, testers, managers and analysts the opportunity to get to know Scrum and to internalize the methods and principles.
Using realistic project situations, it is shown and exercises are used to work out how the core problems arise in projects and how Scrum can be used in these situations.
The Scrum roles and Scrum meetings are played through and requirements and release management in Scrum are considered.

The continuous adaptation and improvement of the process as well as the elimination of organizational and technical hurdles play an important role in Scrum. This is also discussed in detail.
Our trainers have many years of project experience with real (fixed price) projects with Scrum and can therefore respond to your practical questions very well and answer them competently.

Using interactive exercises, we convey the basic ideas of agile software project management.

In our workshops we use Lego for this. The participants are given the task of designing and building a Lego building landscape using Scrum methodology. You will be accompanied by a coach and can learn the working methods that you can then use in real projects.

For remote training we use Minecraft. After setting up a realm in which players can create worlds and buildings together, and a short introduction to Minecraft Creative Mode, we start setting up a starter world in which the scenic conditions are adapted to the task.
  • Agile software engineering
    • The agile principles
    • The agile techniques
  • The Scrum Team
    • the interaction in an agile team
    • scrum master
    • Product Owner
    • Distributed Teams
  • distributed teams
    • Kick-of workshop
    • product backlog
    • estimates
    • release planning
  • Software Entwicklung mit Scrum
    • Sprints
    • Deliverable Product Increments – Definition of Done
    • SprintPlanning:
      • Goals
      • Tasks
      • Teamverfügbarkeit
      • checklists
      • Story Points, Planning Poker
      • Task board, sprint burn down chart
    • Daily Scrum
      • backlog maintenance
      • Review
  • Continuous Improvement
    • Scrum Master Rolle
    • obstacle clearance
    • Team Building
    • retrospectives
  • Releasemanagement
    • Releasemanagement versus Sprint-Management
    • Release Planning
      • Release Controlling (Release Burndown Charts …)
      • Fixed Price Contracts

Previous knowledge

  • Experience with software development projects as any stakeholder. We can highly recommend the training as an in-house training for entire teams. Please contact us.

Target group

  • Developers
  • Tester
  • Project manager
  • analysts
  • sponsors