Micronaut is a modern JVM-based full-stack framework that can be used to develop microservices (and serverless applications).

These start significantly faster and take up significantly less memory than conventional Java processes.

The training introduces the participants to the topic of developing microservices and shows in practice how microservices can be implemented with Micronaut.

The course is primarily aimed at Java developers, but is also suitable for architects.

  • Introduction to Microservices
  • Development of microservices with Micronaut
    • Micronaut CLI
    • dependency injection
    • application configuration
    • Aspect-Oriented Programming
    • HTTP server and HTTP client
    • Cloud native features
    • Message-driven microservices
    • Reactive Programming
    • management and monitoring
    • Security
  • internationalization
  • Deployment of cloud-native microservices using GraalVM and Docker

Previous knowledge

  • Grundlegende Kenntnisse in
    der Programmiersprache Java

Target group

  • Architects
  • Java Developers