HTML, CSS and JavaScript are the basic technologies that every browser can handle and that professional web developers must be able to use.

While HTML structures the content and CSS formats it, JavaScript provides dynamics.
The script language has become indispensable today and is also used on the server side in some companies.

The course offers beginners and advanced users the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of web technologies.

The focus of the course is on JavaScript, the innovations in HTML5 and CSS3 are also covered.

  • Innovations in HTML5: semantic elements, multimedia elements, new input fields, ...
  • Innovations in CSS3: extended box model, flex boxes, grid layout, responsive design, ...
  • JavaScript
  • Basics
  • Variables, branches and loops
  • Functions
  • Objects: object literals, constructor functions, Object.create(), class syntax
  • error handling
  • DOM (Document Object Model)
  • event processing
  • forms
  • AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)
  • functional programming
  • Modern APIs: Canvas, File, Geolocation, Indexed Database, WebSockets, Web Storage, Web Workers, ...
  • ES6 features: Arrow functions, class syntax, map/set data structures, modules, rest parameters, spread operator, ...
  • jQuery (if needed)
  • Use of npm (if necessary)
  • Server-side applications with Node.js (if required)
  • Outlook on Angular and React

Previous knowledge

  • Knowledge of at least one
    object oriented language
  • Basic knowledge
    in HTML and CSS

Target group

  • Developers
  • web developer