Mastering clean code, a paradigm that prioritizes clean and precisely structured program code, is a central pillar in the world of professional software development. When evaluating program code, various quality parameters play a key role, including features such as readability, testability, and maintainability , adaptability, scalability and longevity, ensuring continued relevance and functionality of the software.

In our exclusive “Clean Code” seminar, participants receive in-depth instruction in principles and techniques that make a decisive contribution to increasing these quality criteria. We raise participants' awareness of common deficiencies in code quality and offer a hands-on experience in which they learn to create clean and structurally superior code by working on concrete case studies.

In addition, we ensure that participants are familiarized with guidelines and best practices that will serve as valuable guides for implementing clean code principles in real projects. This strategic orientation means you are optimally prepared for the requirements of modern day-to-day work in software development.

  • Analysis of the cost effects of inferior source code
  • Erkennungsmerkmale suboptimalen Codes: Identifizierung von „Code Smells“
  • Use of meaningful names: variables, functions, methods, classes, etc.
  • Effective structuring of functions and methods
  • Best practices for source code commenting
  • Aesthetic and functional formatting of source code
  • Creation of easily maintainable objects and data structures
  • Optimal error handling when using exceptions
  • Efficient integration of external libraries
  • Guidelines for creating high-quality unit tests
  • Organized design and structuring of classes
  • Clean Code at the Macro Level: Strategies for Architecture and Design of Applications
  • The four basic principles of excellent design
  • Implementing clean code principles in parallelized algorithms

Target group

  • Developers who want
    to learn or improve
    the necessary skills
    to develop
    clean and easy
    maintainable code.