Angular is currently one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks for creating web applications according to the SPA principle (Single Page Application). The course gives a detailed introduction to Angular (using TypeScript) and its concepts. These are practically explained and applied using jointly programmed examples.

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  • Advanced JavaScript/TypeScript concepts: class syntax, arrow functions, filter/map/reduce patterns, observables, promises, modules
  • Getting to know different technologies that Angular is built on: Node.js, npm, tsc, tslint, webpack
  • Setting up the development environment: IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate, Visual Studio Code, Eclipse (optional)
  • Angular CLI and project structure
  • Introduction to Angular and key concepts
  • Use of the four binding types in templates: interpolation, property, event, 2-way
  • Typical interaction patterns in or between Angular components
  • Lifecycle Methods
  • Extending Angular components with pipes and directives
  • Implementation of services and use of dependency injection under Angular
  • Template-driven forms including validation
  • Routing including guards within Angular applications
  • Use of REST interfaces
  • Integration of third-party and component libraries: Angular Material, PrimeNG (optional)

Previous knowledge

  • Knowledge in at lest one object oriented
    Programming language
  • Experience in Javascript,
    HTML and CSS

Target group

  • Developers